3-Pack Monster Sticker Set

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We think stickers are fairly self-explanatory, but just in case you want some guidance, here’s our official step-by-step instructions: (1) Order  BKBeast sticker pack. (2) Check mail everyday in excitement. (3) Celebrate when they arrive. (4) Open pack. (5) Ooh and ahh over them. (6) Peel and stick the monsters somewhere cool. (8) Repeat as desired.



  • 3-Pack of custom Brooklyn Boulders stickers
  • Matte die-cut stickers 
  • Approximate measurements: 
    • Bunny Ball Monster: 2.79” W x 3.89” H
    • Lava Monster: 2.59” W x 4.32” H
    • Skull Monster: 2.36” W x 4.32” H