Artist Series: Claire Van Winkle Tee


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In honor of Womxn’s History Month, we partnered with Claire Van Winkle, a skilled artist, climber, and adventurer based out of Chicago. We fell in love with her Women on Lead design, and are stoked to see this BKB mashup come to life. Claire gave us the inside info on her inspo: 


“My Women on Lead design is inspired by all of the amazing and incredible women out there. It is meant to highlight the diversity of female climbers out there and is designed to celebrate both the Instagram-studly-mountain-crushing women as well as the diversity of women who turn up for the climbing community. The ones who show up after work to be weird, to be silly, to sweat. To solve challenges and move their bodies. And to be a part of something.” 


You can read the full Artist Spotlight here, and follow Claire @clairekalinadesigns.

Color: Maroon
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Size: XS-XL

  • Custom woven label
  • Printed inside neck label